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What to Look for in a Good Electric Razor

Before you spend any amount of time looking at various basketball hoops, you need to
make sure you know what you want.

1. Closeness

You want to get an electric razor that leaves you with as close a shave as possible. That
means cutting the hair as far down the root as possible. A close shave has two main
benefits: a cleaner, more even appearance on the face, and to maintain that cleaner look
longer throughout the day. However, one should be careful, as you want to remove a
maximum amount of hair while leaving a maximum amount of skin.

2. Comfort

Men everywhere should be grateful at just how far electric shaver technology has come
in the last few decades. Once upon a time you would be hard pressed to find a razor that
didn’t get caught and stuck in even a modest amount of facial hair. And even when it did
shave you clean, you should almost always expect red bumps afterwards.

Fortunately, things have improved, but comfort still remains a big issue. You want to
make sure that your electric razor leaves your skin completely unscathed after a shave.
Besides purchasing a high-quality razor, you can also use razor powder to ensure the
integrity of your skin as you shave.

3. Speed

If you opted for using an electric razor as opposed to using disposable razors, one of the
primary reasons is probably because you wanted to cut down on your shaving time. The
best electric razors allow you to shave very quickly, but you are unfortunate enough to
have a model that jams easily or makes it especially difficult to shave clean those hard to
shave areas (like the corners of your jawbone or your upper lip), then you might spend
more time shaving than you actually want to. That’s why it’s essential to choose a really
well engineered electric razor.

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4. Easy to Clean

To maintain optimal operation of your electric shaver, you should clean it out regularly.
Ideally, electric shaver user should clean it once every use, and at least once every three
uses. But some of these electric razors are easier to clean out than others. For example,
some units have a docking station that simply cleans the razor every time your redock
the shaver for changing. Other systems are more complicated, and may even require you
to dismatel the shaver in order to properly clean it.


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