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Top 5 Essential Oils for Massage Therapy

Massage therapies are vital for everyone as they are beneficial for the body and mind in many ways and the essential oils that we use in such therapies make it less or more effective. One should select these oils after thorough research and gain some knowledge about the benefits of different essential oils.

Not everyone is aware of the kinds of oils there are for such matters and how important they are or what difference they can make. In a massage setting, the essential carrier oils are mixed with essential oils, so they are suitable for your skin and do not end up burning you. These essential oils are well-known because of their ability to make your overall health better and stronger.

You can get a nice massage chair for these oils and feel luxuriated. Any massage therapy can be more efficient if the right oils are used. We have listed down the top five essential oils for massage therapy.

1. Angelica Essential Oil

This is the perfect fit if you want to soothe your muscles and nerves. This oil was known as the “Oil of Angels” in Germany since it had the power to lighten your mood, calm the nerves and make you sleep for hours; thus, treats insomnia. The long-established professionals also use this oil as a digestive tonic because it helps the food in the body to break down easily and quickly. In the current world, this oil is known for its advantages, such as, making you calm and abolishing stress and pain.

2. Hinoki Essential Oil

This oil is available in a light pinkish brown color and comes from a Japanese background. This oil is an outcome of high-quality timber of the five sacred trees of Kiso. This oil energizes the body and calms the nerves as soon as it is applied. This is amazing oil and should definitely be used if you want to refresh yourself.

3. Lavender Essential Oil

This one is very famous and popular oil in the markets today. This oil has a lovely and fresh smell which allows soothing the atmosphere. This oil is considered multifaceted, always remember to keep one in stock as it is a great help for reducing stress. Apart from that, it helps you sleep more, boosts your stamina and makes the body more energetic.

4. Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential oil is mainly known for its advantages like relaxing the body and uplifting the mood. It is beneficial for the skin, and its sweet odor makes the atmosphere calmer. It was also used in traditional medicine to make the body circulation better, improve the nervous system and to reinvigorate the body tissues.

5. Coriander Essential Oil

This is sweet and warm oil that produces a soothing and relaxing environment around the room, which is a plus point if it is used. It does not only help you relax but it also promotes a healthy digestive system and better blood circulation in the body as well. Therefore, this oil can be used for stomach massage therapy.

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